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Product Selection / rework / disassembly

Most automotive companies use the cost-effective method where there is as much workforce as is needed for manufacturing capacity. There is no workforce reserve to check, postpone, or disassemble locked, suspicious, semi-finished, finished products with their own labor in certain problematic cases.

A n additional third party product selection by external third party has the added benefit of being eligible for its financial contribution as a guarantee!

In what cases is it recommended?

  • Customer complaint and resulting firewall (CSL 1.2)

  • A serious internal quality problem

  • supplier-source problem

  • the customer's explicit request

  • resource / capacity problem

  • when introducing new products where the customer requires 100% verification of finished products (ramp up) (GP12, SLC)

Where can our service be performed?

  • Customer site

  • Customer's customer site

  • FAIRIUM Kft. (In Jászberény, Nagykőrös, Kecskemét and soon in Székesfehérvár - with truck setting, forklift, warehousing)

  • Both domestically and abroad


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