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Tools to support the production of our customers!

  • mastering and applying customer control rules

  • measuring check with caliper, micrometer or even CMM, with X-ray equipment

  • qualification check visually / idiomatically

  • result-based decision making, reaction plan

  • preparation of a sampling plan according to ISO2859 and ISO3951 standards

  • create a motion picture for effective visual inspection / work

  • handling and analyzing waste

  • record data (excel, access, SAP), evaluate, SPC

Where can our service be performed?

  • incoming goods control system development

  • a serious internal quality problem where an independent party is needed

  • in rows where automatic verification is not possible

  • the customer's explicit request

  • resource / capacity problem

  • customer site

  • customer's customer site

  • both domestically and abroad

In what cases is it recommended?

Intermediate quality control


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