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Repackaging / picking / logistics tasks

Resources for our client's internal flow

  • to repackage products to smaller production units

  • if necessary, scanning for production units for identification and traceability

  • creating a kanban system

  • forklifts and other material handling

  • series of stuffing tasks

  • stocktaking

  • SAP for data entry

  • picking

  • for material flow planning (value stream mapping)

In what cases is it recommended? 

Where can our service be performed?

  • artificially reduce inventory at Customer's premises

  • it is a directorial decision that the incoming product inspection / product selection should  be carried out on an external site

  • resource / capacity problem

  • customer site

  • customer's customer site

  • FAIRIUM Kft. (In Jászberény, Nagykőrös, Kecskemét and soon in Székesfehérvár - with truck setting, forklifting, warehousing)

  • both domestically and abroad


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